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Our Events are Dedicated to The Real Heroes Of México

Since 2010 Our Events are Dedicated to All People in México, Who Work From Dawn To Dusk
Without Receiving Benefits From The Government Welfare System
Despite Working 12 Hours Or More Per Day.
A Quiet Dignity That Deserves Our Respect,
These Warriors Have No Access To or Time for Sports, With Workdays Often Beginning At 3 a.m.
In All Types of Weather: Rain, Cold, Heat, Wind. Each Day Is Spent In a Battle for Survival,
With No Energy for Dreams Of The Future, No Desire to Remember the Past.
There Is Only The Present: Always Demanding Attention, Always Attempting To Drain the Spirit.

& Avoid Selling My Country

Se Vende mi País por todos lados
La tripa, el corazón y sus costados
Se Vende mi País a 4 vientos
Su sangre, su sabor, sus alimentos
Se Vende mi País cada momento
Su hambre, su dolor, su sentimiento
Se Vende mi País con todo y gente
Se vende la palabra independiente
Yo no lo vendo no, porque lo quiero
Yo no lo vendo no, mejor me muero
Yo no lo vendo no, porque lo quiero
Yo no lo vendo no, mejor me muero ….