Universal Sport Emissaries

Universal Sport Emissaries

"Life Begins Every Instant"

Like Emissaries, we trust people, through the act of goodwill, and the basic principles of respect. We try to be the bridge between people and sports, to build healthy communities, putting emphasis on cultural, educational, ecological and technological aspects.

We have confidence in diversity.

Promoting tolerance for people of different origins, special needs, gender, older adults, childhood etc.

Respect of multiple ethnic cultures and interculturality.

Build stronger sustainable communities.

We strive to take advantage of the experience of older adults, the strength and ideas of youth, to improve the lifestyle and opportunities of the new generations, and finally achieve a better future.

Preparing the Leaders of the future.

We have carried out activities and events to achieve family coexistence and break down generational barriers.

Main Rewards


In a healthy environment the freedom of daily activities is enjoyed with a positive attitude, and the use of medications and worries is almost avoided.

Learning by playing and respecting nature since childhood, and the problem of pollution is radically solved.

Conducting an honest and cordial behavior, so violence and sick fear are left behind, which currently invades all areas.

Explore and discover our environment ("Live every day as if your life has just begun"), and therefore you learn to respect different cultures, ideologies, traditions, languages, etc.

Using our 5 senses, we can live the independence of a real world, and technological advances should be only the complement to our daily life.

"Planning the Future with Common Sense &
Making Dreams Reality with Basic Rules"

“The Imagination is the Intelligence Having Fun”